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Dorothy Perkins is by far one of the best places to purchase anything related to fashion in the world. The quality of their clothing and accessories is second to none. And they have all the most amazing models showcases their beautiful fashions. To top it all off, their prices are very fair considering what you get. And you can tell that their management is interested in its customers being happy because they have setup a feedback survey at www.dorothyperkins.com/feedback

The only problem is, some people are getting lost when trying to get to the survey, so as usual, we’re here to help. Our research has showcases time and time again that the main problem people are experiencing is simply googling for the url (the url in this case is dorothyperkins.com/feedback) instead of typing it directly into their search engines. This can easily result in you ending up in the wrong location and that’s when the trouble starts. In fact, that’s probably why you’re here. To get to the correct survey, simply click here. You will know that you’re in the right place because the webpage will look like this:

dorothy perkins feedback

About Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins was founded more than 90 years ago and is one of the biggest fashion stores in the world. It has over 600 stores in the United Kingdom and more than 50 international stores.

Please note that this website is in no way owned or affiliated with Dorothy Perkins. We’re simply trying to help people get to their feedback survey.

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www.bathandbodyworksfeedback.com – Bath and Bodyworks Survey

Bath and Body Works is such an amazing store according to my wife. She shops there all the time and gets everything from lotions to candles and bath salts at great prices. It’s nice for me because my wife is happy and my pocketbook isn’t adversely affected and nice for her because she gets what she wants at a very fair price. In addition, my wife is forever extolling the virtues of the employees who work at Bath and Body Works. She says they’re very professional, well trained, and always have the answer she needs. I think if she ever quits her current job, she might try to get on there. After a recent purchase, she took a new survey at www.bathandbodyworksfeedback.com that helps the company provide an ever-better experience for customers.

Unfortunately, some people are having a lot of trouble taking the survey at bathandbodyworksfeedback.com. After doing some research, we believe there are two primary reasons for this:

1. We believe most people who have trouble are searching for www.bathandbodyworksfeedback.com because their browser homepage is set to Google or Yahoo or a like search engine. So instead of going directly to the website by inputting the url in their address bar, they search for it and sometimes click on the incorrect search result. This is no doubt frustrating. So if you’re one of the people who is having this problem, in the future try to input the url in your browser bar instead of searching for it.

2. The only other issue we could think of is there is a slight redirect at the website and we wonder if some people have security settings on their computer that is stopping this redirect from happening. This issue is no doubt nowhere as prevalent as the one above.

If you’re continuing to have problems, don’t worry. Simply click on this link and it will take you to the Bath and Body Works customer survey. You will know that you’re in the correct place as the webpage will look like this:

bath and body works survey

Please note that this website is in no way affiliated with Bath and Body Works. We’re just trying to help.

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www.friendlysexperience.com – Friendly’s Survey

Friendly’s is one of my favorite places to eat. I enjoy just about everything on the menu and definitely appreciate the very fair prices. I have befriended just about all the waitresses and waiters at my local restaurant and have found them to be wonderful people who do a great job. Have I mentioned lately just how good the food is? Friendly’s management is now taking it to a whole new level and allow us to provide feedback regarding our dining experience which is amazing. The location of the feedback survey is www.friendlysexperience.com.

The problem I noticed is it’s easy to end up somewhere other than the Friendly’s survey site. There are two primary causes for this:

1. I think a lot of people are searching in Google or Yahoo instead of typing the url directly into their browser. And due to the nature of search results, it’s easy to click on the wrong site. So be sure to type the website url directly into your browser address bar.

2. I’m also thinking that maybe people are having issues with the redirect due to settings on their computer or maybe security software. This is a less likely explanation though.

Regardless, if you’re having trouble, simply click on this link to go to the www.friendlysexperience.com survey. You will know you’re in the correct place as the website will look like this:

friendlys experience survey

Please note that this website is in no way affiliated with Friendly’s. We’re simply trying to help people get to the survey.

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