Dollar Tree is a great, enjoyable store to shop at and now they provide a means to give feedback via www.dollartreefeedback.com. As I’m sure you’re well aware, Dollar Tree usually has an excellent selection, wonderful employees, and amazing prices. Naturally, once in awhile an employee goes above and beyond in helping you and you want to let management know. This survey allows you to do exactly that. On the other hand, on rare occasion, something happens where you want to let management know that there was an issue or something needs improved upon. This is also an opportunity to do so.

Unfortunately, it would appear that many people are having a lot of difficulty getting to the feedback website at dollartree.com. We here at surveyhelp.org believe we have figured out why this is. The issue is that many people have websites such as Google or Yahoo set as their homepage. So when you want to go to the Dollar Tree feedback survey, instead of typing the address of the site in your browser address bar, you instead search for it in Google or Yahoo. And because there are literally thousands of results for every single query, it’s not surprising that many people are ending up at the wrong website. We want to educate people about how to go directly to websites so that they don’t make the same mistake in the future. If you correctly type dollartreefeedback.com in your browser bar, it will look like this:


The problem is, Dollar Tree has decided to use a third party company called Empathica to handle their website. This adds additional confusion because even when you are correctly redirected to the survey website, it looks like you might be in the wrong place because of the url of the site in your address bar. However, if you’re at the correct survey site, it will look like this:


If after all of this you still can’t find the correct dollartreefeedback.com site, don’t despair. Simply click on the link below and you’ll be on your way.

Click here to go to dollartreefeedback.com

Please note this website is in no way affiliated with Dollar Tree, we’re simply here to help.

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