Kohl’s is a fantastic store and provides a great way to give customer feedback at www.kohls.com/survey. The shopping experience at Kohls is usually top notch and sometimes you meet one of those employees that goes out of their way to assist you and you want to give them the accolades that they deserve. Or maybe once in awhile, something transpires at Kohl’s that is less than positive. Now you can provide feedback that is heard by going to the official survey site at kohls.com/survey.

The problem is, a lot of people tend to get lost on their way to the survey site which is likely why you’re reading this right now. We believe that we have figured out the reason for this. Many people have search engines such as Google or Yahoo set as their homepage. When you start your browser such as internet explorer or Firefox you are taken to your homepage. Rather than type the url for your website in the browser address bar, you enter it in the search engine query area which results in you searching the internet for the website instead of going straight to the Kohl’s Survey site. This is how it would look if you were typing the survey url in the correct area of your browser:

kohls survey

When it comes to the Kohl’s Survey, it’s understandable that people are getting even more concerned than normal. This is because Kohl’s uses a 3rd party survey company to manage all of their feedback. Instead of going to www.kohls.com/survey and staying there, you are redirected to http://kohlssurvey.periscopeiq.com/ and that’s also what is returned when you search for Google. It’s certainly not an optimal way to handle feedback due to the inevitable confusion and potential lack of trust, but such is life. How do you know if you’re at the correct website to take the official Kohls Survey? It’ll look like this.


With all that said, if you’re still unable to find the survey, we’re happy to help:

Click Here To Take The Kohl’s Survey

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