As we all know, Lowes is an amazing home improvement warehouse with pretty much anything you need for improving your home. They have now setup a feedback survey at www.lowes.com/feedback and even better, you’re automatically registered to win a $5,000 gift card by providing your feedback. The vast majority of the time when shopping at Lowes you will have an excellent experience as the employees will be helpful and knowledgeable and the prices will be fair. Lows is happy to hear about that. They’re also glad to hear when great employees are more helpful than ever. And on that rare occasion when something isn’t quite up to standard, they no doubt want to hear about that as well.

The only issue is that many people are getting lost when trying to find the survey at lowes.com/feedback and we here at surveyhelp.org believe we have cracked the code as to why there is a problem. Most people have search engines such as Yahoo or Google as their homepage. And instead of entering the correctly website url directly into their browser bar, they’re instead searching for it by accident. As such, because of the countless results for every query, they’re ending up at the wrong place. So that the same mistake isn’t made in the future, if you type the url correctly into your browser bar, it will look like this:


However, due to a redirect, some people may have additional issues or be unsure that they’re even at the right location to take the survey. www.lowes.com/feedback looks like this:


If you still can’t find the feedback survey for some reason, don’t worry, simply click on the link below:

Click here to take the www.lowes.com/feedback survey.

Please note this website is in no way affiliated with Lowes, we’re simply here to help.

About Lowes

Lowe’s has come a long way since its founding in a small North Carolina town. The company, which began with its first store in 1921, has growth into a major home improvement retailer. The company is currently the second largest retailer of home improvement products and supplies in the United States. Lowe’s sells products that cater to the do-it-yourself home owner.

The company retails home repair products, home décor products, home construction products, and home improvement products. The majority of Lowe’s super stores are located in primarily in the Midwest and Southeast regions of the United States. Many of its stores average in size between 100,000 and 114,000 square feet.

The rise of Lowe’s as a major retailer began slowly. Lowe’s did not open its second store until 1946. The home improvement chain opened its third store in 1952. Aided the home construction boom of the 1950’s, Lowe’s was able to increase its profits from $4 million to $27 million during this time period. The company went public in 1961.

In the 1980’s Lowe’s transitioned from a supplier of construction products to home builders to its present target market: the do-it-yourself home improvement customer. In 1983, Lowe’s sales to consumers outpaced sales to contractors for the first time in its history when it posted $1.43 billion in profits.

Since the mid 1990’s the home improvement chain has continued its expansion into new markets. The company opened stores in Oklahoma, Michigan, and Iowa in 1994. In 1996, Lowe’s opened stores in Texas and New York state and in 1997, the company opened stores in Kansas.

Currently, Lowe’s has more than 1,710 stores in the United States. In 2007, the home improvement retailer implemented a plan to expand into foreign markets. To date, Lowe’s has opened 20 stores in Canada and plans to open stores in Mexico and Australia.

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