Express is a fantastic clothing company that always has the top styles of whatever you’re looking for. Their employees are extremely helpful as well as full of knowledge which makes your shopping experience even better. These two variables usually result in very expensive clothes, but Express has somehow managed to keep all of that while maintaining great prices. And now they’ve taken it one step further and are soliciting your feedback to they improve their services even more. You can do this by taking the survey at

One of the great things about taking the survey is that you then get 15% off your next purchase at Express. The only problem is, many people are having a difficult time finding the actual site which is likely why you are here. We’ve found that the major issue that is coming into play is people are searching for instead of typing it into their browser bar. So the next time you try to go there, simply enter the url into your address bar instead.

If you still need help finding the survey, click here to take the feedback survey.

Please note that we are in no way affiliated with Express, we simply want to help people get to their survey. Mindshare Technologies is the company that is hosting the survey.

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