Office Max is an amazing retailer of office supplies and other goods for business and personal use. Now there’s a survey at www.officemax.com/store/survey which allows you to provide Office Max with valuable feedback. If you’re like me, every visit you’ve ever had to Office Max has been wonderful. However, on occasion, something might transpire that is really impressive such as a great employee being very helpful and it’s nice to be able to provide the company with that insight. Or, on the rare occasion that something goes wrong during your shopping experience, it’s nice to be able to let them know about that so the issue can be remedied if necessary.

Unfortunately there’s a little quirk for some people. You’re here at this website because you had trouble finding the survey at officemax.com/store/survey for some reason. Well, we here at surveyhelp.org believe we have cracked the case. You very likely have Google or Yahoo set as your browser homepage. Instead of typing www.officemax.com/store/survey directly into your browser address bar, you searched for it instead. And due to the nature of how search results are presented, you ended up at the wrong place. Before we send you to the proper survey website, allow us to help you avoid this minor pitfall in the future. If you properly enter the url in the address bar, it will look like this:


To make matters even more confusing, Office Max has a 3rd party company handle their surveys. So once you enter the survey url, you are redirected to a different website which may confuse people or make them think it is some sort of scam. So that you know you’re at the right website, it will look like this:


If you still have trouble getting to the correct website, don’t worry, simply click on the link below and you’ll be on your way.

Click here to take the survey at www.officemax.com/store/survey

Please note this website is in no way affiliated with Office Max, we’re simply trying to help.

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