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The Panera Bread Company is so much more than just bread, though they do that as well. Panera is a wonderful place to dine as it has many healthy menu items for very fair prices and employees that are knowledgeable, courteous, and always willing to help. Panera has been one of my personal favorite places to eat for many years now. Not too long ago after paying for a meal, I was handed a receipt that stated I could take a customer feedback survey at www.paneralistens.com – I thought it was quite impressive that Panera management was looking to hear from customers in an effort to improve their offers though I shouldn’t be surprised as their attention to detail is fantastic.

If you’re looking to take the survey and ended up on this page, you’re unfortunately not in the correct location. Some people are getting lost unfortunately due to searching for www.paneralistens.com instead of typing the url directly in their browser address bar. You can go to the www.paneralistens.com survey by clicking here or simply entering the url in your browser and hitting enter. You can rest assured that you are at the correct url when the page looks like so:
panera listens survey

Please understand this website is in no way affiliated with Panera Bread company, we’re simply trying to help people get to the correct survey website.

About Panera Bread Company

About Panera Bread Company

Panera has much more going for it than only it’s fantastic bread. Perhaps this is why the company, which burst onto the food service market in the 1990’s is still going strong even as many more established, and recognized companies have hit a hitch in a rough economy.

Cities like Muskegon in Michigan are happy the Panera Bread Co. recently moved their town in 2011, and with good reason. The restaurant and bakery is famous for good food that steers away from fried chicken, burgers, tacos, or fries. Lighter foods like fresh baked goods, salads, sandwiches, and soups are the mainstay of Panera Bread Co.

The history of Panera Bread Co. really starts in 1993 when the Saint Louis Bread Company was purchased by Au Bon Pain Co., and the 20 bakery-café’s chain was able to renovate after an infusion of much needed funds. In the last part of 1999 to better back, the entry of Panera Bread as a national chain, Au Bon Pain Co. sold off its own original stores to focus on the St. Louis franchise.

By 2005, Panera was ranked 37th by BusinessWeek’s as a Hot Growth Company. The only flaw on a growing success was a class action lawsuit brought by investors that alleged that Panera did not disclose material regarding issues with it’s financial well-being and prospects.

Customers and critics however, have only good words for the bakery and restaurants under the Panera banner. A 2008 study by Health magazine found Panera Bread to be the healthiest fast casual restaurant in North America. Along with good healthy food, those visiting Panera also have the plus of being able to surf the Internet. The restaurant has become one of the largest providers of free Wifi in the country, although most locations have a time limit for customers using the service. With fresh food served quickly along with a chance to check email a visit to Pandera Bread is typically a good, relaxing experience.

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