The Children’s Place is a fantastic store with great prices and merchandise. Now they have a survey available at www.placesurvey.com where you can provide feedback about your shopping experience. Almost every time you go to the Children’s Place you’re going to have a great experience. But if you have an experience that is especially wonderful such as an employee doing an even better job than normal, it’s nice to provide that sort of feedback. And of course, on those vary rare occasions when your shopping experience was lacking, they no doubt want to hear about that as well so that the situation can be remedied as soon as possible.

However, you’re here because you weren’t able to find the survey at placesurvey.com for some reason or another. The good news is, we’re pretty sure we’ve figured out why that is and we’re happy to help you get to the correct website. First, let us educate you as to what likely happened. Most people have Google or Yahoo set as their homepage (does this sound like you?) so when they open a browser window to go to a website, instead of typing the url in the address bar and going direct to their destination of choice, they instead end up searching for it and click on the wrong website. If you were to properly put www.placesurvey.com into your browser, it would look like this:


Another issue at play is that placesurvey.com then redirects to a 3rd party survey company called Empathica. So this makes many people wonder if they’re even in the correct spot or not. Well, if you’re at the correct website, it looks like this:


If after all of this you’re still uncomfortable or unsure as to how to get to the correct website, don’t worry, just click the link below.

Click here to take the survey at www.placesurvey.com

Please note this website is in no way affiliated with The Children’s Place, we’re simply here to help.

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