The United States Postal Service provides a great service the vast majority of the time. At you can provide feedback regarding your entire experience at the USPS. Did you have an exceptional clerk who was able to answer all of your questions and you found the entire experience to be expedient and friendly? Or did you stand in long lines and have a frustrating experience. The USPS wants to hear from you at

The problem is, the survey is very difficult for many people to find, which is likely why you’re here and reading this now. We feel that we’ve finally been able to determine the reason so many people are having difficulty finding the postal experience survey. Many people have search engines such as Google or Yahoo set as their homepage. When they want to go to a website such as, instead of entering that into their browser address bar, they type it into Google or Yahoo and hit enter. This in turn does a search for the specific query and because of the confusing nature of many of the survey sites out there, people are ending up at the wrong websites. If you were to enter into your browser address bar correctly, it would look like this:


To make matters worse, the USPS has decided to have a 3rd party handle their postal experience survey so people may even be ending up at the right website but they aren’t sure that where they are is the correct place. It’s quite understandable really with all of the scams out there that try to steal identities. That the USPS would use a different domain entirely instead of something like is very strange to us. If you end up at the correct website, it will look like this:

https postal experience pos

We hope all of this information has helped you find the correct website and to avoid making the same mistake in the future. If you’re still unable to find the correct website, don’t despair:

Click Here to Take The Postal Experience POS Survey

About The USPS

The old saying is still true. “Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail shall the postmen for appointed rounds.” The mail is a constant in American life. It brings us life’s most interesting moments from birthday cards to tax refunds the mail has made its way to the mailboxes and doorstops of Americans for generations. The first mind that was put to the task of discovering ways to get the mail from sender to recipient was Benjamin Franklin’s. The Continental Congress appointed him as the first Postmaster General and his ingenuity is felt in the way mail makes its way to homes throughout the nation.

Through the years, the mail has come by just about every method of conveyance possible. Steamboats, coaches, the famous pony express, trains, and airplanes have all been used to assist the USPS carry the mail. On June 8th 1959 as the missile craze in America took hold the then Postmaster General Arthur A. Summerfield commissioned the Navy submarine the USS Barbero to fire a guided missile carrying 3,000 letters towards the naval auxiliary air station in Mayport, Florida. While this experiment proved successful the idea was not adopted a method of mail delivery.

Today, truck, train, or cargo air typically moves mail, and trips to the post office itself can be avoided by using online options. By visiting the USPS a customer can change their address, put their mail on hold, order shipping supplies, buy and print out stamps, purchase insurance for a package and track deliveries. It is also possible to locate zip codes quickly, through an easy online search. Options available for the shipping and mail services include express, priority, first class, and international shipping. Even as the world has become more complex, the mail has become simplified for those needing to send mail or packages.

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