www.StaplesCares.com – $5,000 Staples Gift Card

I went to Staples not too long ago as it is my favorite store for anything related to office supplies or stationary. I don’t remember exactly what I purchased, but I know that my shopping experience was perfect just like every other time I shop there. Upon exiting the store, I noticed on my receipt that there was a feedback survey for www.staplescares.com where you have a chance to win a $5,000 figt card which I thought was quite impressive. I think it’s great that a company wants to hear from their customers so they can improve their services. Though I don’t know how much Staples can improve considering they have an amazing selection at very fair prices and absolutely wonderful employees who are well trained and invariably helpful.

The only issue at play is that some people are having trouble getting to the survey at www.StaplesCares.com which is probably why you’re reading this post right now. If you’re confused, you’re not actually at the staplescares.com website. There are a couple primary reasons that people are ending up at the wrong website when searching for this survey. Reason number one is that many people are typing the url into their homepage search engine such as Google and hitting submit instead of typing it into their browser address bar. This brings up the search engine result pages which list many different websites and there is the potential that you end up at the wrong one. The second potential issue is the staplescares.com website redirects to a 3rd party website that operates the survey for Staples. This is either confusing people or the other possibility is they have security software on their computer that blocks such redirects. If you’re still having trouble getting to the survey, simply click here for the www.StaplesCares.com survey. You will know that you’re at the correct website because it will look like so:


We hope this helps you find and take the survey. And best of luck winning the gift card. Please note that this website is in no way affiliated with Staples, we’re just trying to help.

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