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True Value Hardware is one of the best places to get anything hardware related. Whether you need a new garbage disposal or a screwdriver, they have it and at very fair prices. In addition, their customer service is absolutely top notch and, in my opinion, far superior to some of those big box hardware stores. You can tell True Value is committed to customer service because they have created a customer feedback survey located at www.talktotruevalue.com where you can provide information regarding your shopping experience.

The only problem is that some people are having trouble finding the survey at talktotruevalue.com. Based upon the research we have conducted here at Survey Help, we can ascertain three possible reasons for this issue:

1. It would appear that http://talktotruevalue.com does not resolve for some reason. So if people do not enter the www, they go to a page cannot be found site and understandably assume it is not available.

2. The survey redirects from talktotruevalue.com to talktotruevalue.com/TrueValue. Some people have security software either on their computers or built into their browsers that stops them from properly redirecting to the survey.

3. Some people enter the survey url into a search engine such as Google (usually set to their homepage) instead of typing it into the browser url bar. This results in their ending up searching for the survey site instead of going straight there. And on occasion, they end up at the wrong site.

If you are having trouble finding the survey because of any of those issues, don’t despair, simply click here to take the www.talktotruevalue.com survey. You will know you’re at the correct page because it will look like this:

talktotruevalue survey

Please note that this website is in no way affiliated with True Value Hardware. We’re simply trying to help people get to their correct destination.

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