As you know, Red Robin is a great place to eat with delicious food and a very helpful staff. They have now created a feedback survey for you to utilize at www.tellredrobin.com. It’s nice to be able to share your positive dining experiences with a company. And on the other side of the coin, if you have one of those very rare experiences that was less than satisfactory, it’s also nice to provide feedback regarding that situation. That way whatever the issue is can be remedied so that it hopefully doesn’t happen again.

The issue that has arisen is that people are having a hard time finding the correct survey site. The main reason for this is because they have Google or Yahoo set as their homepage. And instead of typing tellredrobin.com into their browser address bar, they search for it instead. This inevitably ends up with some people finding their way to the wrong website. The other issue is that Red Robin uses a 3rd party company for their surveys and www.tellredrobin.com redirects to that website. Some software blocks this from happening and other times people end up in the right place but get confused and go elsewhere. If you’re one of those people searching for the site, please use your browser address bar from now on. If you do so correctly, it will look like this:


If you’re in the second group and just not sure if you’re at the right place and worried about providing personal information to the wrong place, the correct website will look like this:


If you’re still unclear how to get to the correct website, don’t worry, simply click on the link below.

Click here to take the survey at www.TellRedRobin.com

Please note this website is not affiliated with Red Robin, we’re just here to help people.

About Red Robin

The commercials are catchy, and the jingle is short and very effect. Red Robin are the only words anyone who truly enjoys a great gourmet burger and casual dining needs to hear to feel a compulsion to drive to one of the chain’s locations immediately. The burgers highly rated by Zagat are just one of the items on the menu people identify with the restaurant chain. RRs Buzzard Wings, spinach dip, and salads that amaze are also lures that see throngs of customers across America finding their way through the doors of a Red Robin restaurant.

If you journey to the corner of Furhman and Eastlake Avenues E. in Seattle Washington you can find the original Red Robin restaurant, or at least where it once stood. Formerly known as Sam’s Tavern it was built in the 1940’s. The name change came when the owner Sam who sang in a barbershop quartet took the name from a song and redubbed the pub Sam’s Red Robin.

Gerry Kingen a local Seattle restaurant entrepreneur bought the bar and expanded it into a larger full kitchen restaurant. He dropped the name Sam and kept Red Robin. After a few mediocre years as a restaurant and pub, Kingen added burgers to the menu and the business took off. Unfortunately, the age of the pub made the costs too high to maintain.

Two of the restaurants regular customers Mike and Steve Snyder decided to try the name and burger menu themselves in 1979, and over the next few years the brothers along with the original owner Kingen have worked at making the chain one of the most popular in the United States. Doing business under the name Snyder Group Company the headquarters moved from Seattle to Denver. By 2008, there were over 400 locations across the United States enticing burger lovers.

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