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Ross is the store where you can dress for less. And their slogan truly is apt as Ross has perfected the means of providing high quality clothing for very fair prices. In addition to their profound selection of clothes at great prices, the employees at Ross are across the board wonderful and obviously well trained. Every time I have been to Ross the floor personnel as well as the cashiers have been wonderful. On a recent trip to Ross, I was provided a receipt that stated you could take a guest survey at www.tellross.com and have an opportunity to win a gift card.

A small predicament has arisen for a few people, however. Some patrons are having a difficult time finding the tellross.com survey. This is likely due to the fact that they have a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing set as their homepage and are searching for www.tellross.com instead of typing it into their browser address bar. So if you’re here because you’ve had trouble finding the survey and searched for it, simply enter the url directly into your address bar. Or, if you’re still having trouble, simply click here to take the www.tellross.com survey.

You will know you’re at the correct survey site because the page will look like this:
tell ross survey

About Ross

Ross was founded in 1957 and for many years operated as a small chain of stores in the San Francisco Bay area.

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