Albertsons is a wonderful grocery store that has everything you can need to cook that perfect meal. Their employees are very cordial and helpful and their prices are more than fair. To top it off, they now have a feedback survey for customers who want to share information about their shopping experience at www.AlbertsonsSurvey.com.

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About Albertsons

Supervalu Inc., the company that operates Albertson’s, Lucky, and Shaw’s grocery supermarkets recently asked its creditors to restructure its debt. While this will send the price of its loans and bonds higher, the move would set the cost of protecting its bonds against default lower. Its possible that the company is working on a method to make its balance sheet more attractive for a buyout, or perhaps once again this chain which produced $38 billion in annual sales among it’s 4,270 stores throughout the U.S. last year finds itself working to survive in changing times.

Albertsons has certainly weathered the changing trends of the American market in the past. Founded in 1939 in Boise, Idaho by Joe Albertson the store featuring perks such as free parking, a money-back guarantee, and an ice cream shop found instant popularity in the waning years of the Depression. Middle class America loved the idea of being pampered. The store then located at 17th and State Streets was soon so successful Albertson decided to put the profits back into the business and open new stores in nearby towns. World War II, a time of rationing and careful buying held the stores back for a short time, but following the war Albertson like many businesses in the United States starting growing again. The chain eventually grew out of Idaho and started spreading out across the U.S.

In the 1960’s, the chain began incorporating other chain stores in order to expand including Skaggs Alpha Beta, American Stores, Acme, and others. The change to new states did bring problems such as legal issues with overtime laws, and in Texas competition with the grocery giant HEB, saw the closing of several stores. However, the chain has managed to keep customers with the same initial idea of indulge for less. While many stores draw customers in with low price items, Albertsons’ Preferred Savings Card lets customers save on any purchase.

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