Bob Evans is one of those places to eat that keeps you coming back time after time. Not only is the food amazing and at a very fair price, but the employees and wait staff are always of the utmost caliber. They know the answer to pretty much every question you have, are courteous, and efficient with their help. And now Bob Evans has made it so you can provide them feedback via a survey you can find at www.bobevans.com/feedback.

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About Bob Evans

The very first of the Bob Evans legacy, Bob Evans Steak House, opened its doors Gallapolis, Ohio in 1946. The twelve seat twenty four hour restaurant was a great success, but the family faced a dilemma. They could not seem to get their hands on high quality sausage. This obstacle prompted a decision two years later, to start production of sausage themselves, using only grain fed hogs from the family farm. The rest they say is history. The sausage business took off and in 1957 they incorporated under Bob Evan’s Farm Sales Inc. In 1963 they changed names to Bob Evans Farms Inc, and by this time covered the majority of Ohio. The success of the sausage business spurned the opening of the very first Bob Evans Restaurant as they are known today in 1968 in Chillicothe, OH. The design was reminiscent of the old barn, the red and white colors serving to set the foundation of the buildings we see today. The restaurant was off to a rocky start; it was set up fast food style with sausage sandwiches, hamburgers and fries. As business waned, they rethought their plan, and instead opened up a full scale restaurant complete with revamped menus and the addition of a serving staff. Since then, they have not changed much!

The chain is most known for its home style cooking. Popular menu favorites include The Rise and Shine Breakfast, biscuits and gravy, and turkey and dressing. Quality food and good old hospitality have built the business into the thriving $1.75 billion dollar corporation that it is today. Of course it doesn’t stop there. Bob Evan’s General Stores feature the same breakfast lunch and dinner, while also offering collectibles, country gifts, and packaged foods. The conglomerate also tapped into the grocery market, and is now offering frozen a variety of refrigerated and frozen foods to forty nine states in the U.S. They expanded to offer other products such as sausage, refrigerated mashed potatoes, and frozen breakfasts. Fast forward to 1987, and the corporation acquires the Texas based company, Owens Foods, a competitor in the refrigerated sausage and breakfast sandwich market.

To this day, the Bob Evans Farm name stands for quality foods, superb service, and a country sense of style. Who knows what they will tackle next.

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