Build a Bear is one of those stores that is always a lot of fun to go to. The activities are enjoyable, the employees are knowledgeable and fantastic to be around, and the prices are quite fair. It’s one of the first stores you head to when you need a unique gift for someone. Now you can provide Build a Bear with valuable feedback by taking their survey at www.BuildABear.com/Survey.

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About Build A Bear

Build-A-Bear Workshop, Inc., is the only international company that offers a unique, interactive experience in “making your own” stuffed animal. It was founded in 1997 and today, the company along with its franchisees operate over 400 stores worldwide, including company-owned outlets in the US, Puerto Rico, UK, Canada, France, and Ireland. Franchise stores are located in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Australia.

The interactive experience in a Build-A-Bear store is fun for both kids and adults. The customers, or the Guest Bear Builders, as the store refers to them, begins their bear construction at the “Choose Me” station. Here, the customers get to choose the skin of the animal, varying in sizes and colors. Next is the “Hear Me” station where customers can choose to include a micro sound chip that is placed inside the animal. What follows is the “Stuff Me” station where customers decide on the softness or firmness of their stuffed animal. A foot pedal is used to insert the stuffing. After the heart-shaped, satin pillow is chosen, the customer is encouraged to kiss the heart, to rub it, and to make a wish before it is placed in the animal. The animal will then be stitched to seal it. The “Huff Me” station is where the stuffed animals can be groomed using an air blower.

The “Name Me” station is where the stuffed animal becomes graced with a special name. Customers can either receive a birth certificate or a storybook that tells the story of how each stuffed animal is made. A special barcode is also used to keep track of lost stuffed animals. In the boutique, customers get to shop for clothes and accessories that will make their teddy bears truly, their own.

The Build-A-Bear company has a foundation that is committed to impacting the lives of people and improving their way of life. The company is known to put together philanthropic programs that support different causes for children and their families. In particular, Build-A-Bear support children’s cancer research and treatment.

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