Five Guys is one of the most popular and fastest growing burger joints in the USA. Their food is delicious and many claim they are even better than In-N-Out Burger. The employees are also great and always willing to lend a helping hand. Now you can help them improve even more by taking their feedback survey at www.FiveGuys.com/survey

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About Five Guys

Since 1986, Five Guys has been serving a menu that focuses on hamburgers and fries, as well as a number of other options. Other options include kosher hot dogs, vegetable sandwiches, and grilled cheese. There are also locations at Reagan International Airport and Washington Dulles International Airport that sell breakfast. One of the highlights of the restaurant, however, is the in-shell peanuts that customers are able to enjoy while waiting on their order to be processed.

As for the restaurant’s humble beginnings, the original “Five Guys” consisted of Jerry Murrell and his four sons. It was after opening their first restaurant at Arlington, Virginia’s Westmont Shopping Center that they had a fifth son. Now the Five Guys name is representative of the five sons of the Murrell family and there are approximately 670 franchises operating in the United States and Canada.

While opening a “burger joint” is not an original idea, this restaurant’s portions are large with a regular burger having two patties and the “Little” having just one patty for those customers desiring a smaller sandwich. There are a number of toppings available for the hamburgers at no additional cost, while there are a number of other topping options on the menu that do have an added cost.

The fries are fried in peanut oil and they are served boardwalk style, but may be cooked the usual way or Cajun. When visiting a Five Guys restaurant, a posting can be seen near the cash register that states what city and state the potatoes came from. The two sizes, small and large, are rather hearty portions with the large being able to feed a small army or someone with a huge appetite.

Five Guys has seen great growth in its short life with most of that growth occurring after the Murrell’s made the decision to franchise the business in 2002. With this decision, the business grew from its 6 Northern Virginia locations to its vast presence in North America. This rapid growth is due in part to demand for food that is cooked upon request rather than pre-cooked and frozen.

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