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Food Town is a phenomenal grocery store chain and is a one stop shop for just about anything you need food wise. Their selection is incredibly broad and their employees are invariably kind and courteous. And in addition, they somehow manage to keep their prices very fair and competitive. That Food Town has created an online survey at www.foodtownsurvey.com you can take to provide them with feedback of your shopping experience really says a lot about what kind of company they are. The management there certainly has their head on straight and wants to do the customer right.

Only one small problem has cropped up with the foodtownsurvey.com feedback survey. And that issue is that some people are having trouble getting to it. We conducted a little research and feel this problem has arisen for one of two primary reasons:
1. We think that many people are searching for the site url instead of typing it directly in their address bar. For example, if Google is your homepage, you might have typed the website into the search bar of Google instead of your Firefox or Internet Explorer browser. This could then result in your ending up at the wrong site. If this is what happened to you, simply use your browser address bar from now on.

2. The other potential issue is that www.foodtownsurvey.com utilizes a redirect. We figure it’s possible that some people have security software on their computer that blocks such redirects. This is a less likely issue though.

Regardless, if you’re having trouble finding the site, simply click here to take the survey. You will know that you’re in the correct place as the site will look like this:

Food Town Survey

Please note that this website is in no way affiliated with Food Town. We’re only trying to help people get to their correct destination.

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