HEB is a great grocery store and has a survey at www.heb.com/survey you can take to help them improve their services. All of the grocieries at HEB are top notch and at a very fair price. And all of their employees are great as well. So why not help them out and take the survey at www.heb.com/survey

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About HEB

As hard as it is to imagine the earliest days of the HEB brand groceries stores was marked by failure. While her sons was in the military during World War I Florence Butt opened a small store she called C.C. Butt Grocery Store on the ground floor of her Kerrville, Texas home. When her youngest son, Howard Edward Butts returned he took over and tried his hand at expanding the store as a chain into Central Texas. The concept failed.

Butts didn’t give up and tried in Del Rio, and then opened three more locations in the Lower Rio Valley. These were successful and over time. the store took on just the initials of the owner, becoming HEB.

Now headquartered in San Antonio HEB can be found in more than 150 communities throughout Texas. Over 300 stores are currently in operation. As other discount chains such as Walmart have moved more grocery items into their stores, HEB has countered with other more non-grocery discount items in their stores. HEB has also diversified their business in unusual ways such opening 5 different retail formats including Joe V’s Smart Shop, Central Market, H-B-E Plus and Mi Tienda’s.

Central Market sells specialty and organic food items as well as a much different shopping experience from most grocery chains by offering live music, cooking classes, and in some places a restaurant featuring fresh organic recipes. The Central Market chain is especially popular in Austin, Texas. Mi Tienda stores opened in 2006 in South Houston. The Mi Tienda is a Latino-themed store offering fresh baked goods. The Mi Tienda also hosts a restaurant, this one named Cocina following the Latino theme, which serves tamales, chicharones, tacos, and tortas.

Known for charitable donations HEB concentrates on the communities the chain does business in with food banks, and educational outreach programs such as the Excellence in Education Awards. This monetary award is bestowed on administrators, schools, and teachers.

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