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HomeGoods is one of those stores that you can go get lost in for hours. They have anything and everything you might need for your home. When my fiance and I decided we needed a new rug, we were in there for about an hour having an amazing time going through all the different rug choices all of which were priced very fairly. The employees there are amazing as well. What’s nice is now HomeGoods allows you to take a feedback survey to let them know about your shopping experience. The survey is at www.homegoodsfeedback.com and taking it makes you eligible to win a $500.00 HomeGoods gift card.

One small problem has crept up and that is the fact that some people are having a difficult time finding the proper website which is probably why you’re here: you’re lost. We believe the problem is due to people searching for homegoodsfeedback.com instead of typing it into their browser bar. So the next time you want to get there, be sure to type www.homegoodsfeedback.com into your browser instead of searching for it. In the meantime, click here for the www.homegoodsfeedback.com survey.

You’ll know that you’re at the right place as the website will look like the following:
homegoods feedback

Please note that this website is not affiliated with nor owned by HomeGoods. We’re a private website trying to help people get to their proper survey feedback sites.

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