The Macaroni Grill is a wonderful place to eat. The food is delicious and there is of course something to choose from for everyone. The employees and service staff are invariably knowledgeable and very friendly. And of course the ambiance is wonderful whether it is an evening out with a loved one or a party of ten. Somehow the Macaroni Grill manages to keep very fair prices despite all of this. And now, they have a customer feedback survey you can take that allows you to provide feedback on your dining experience at macgrill.com/survey.

The only problem with the macgrill.com/survey site is the company in charge of it, Systino has setup a redirect that is causing problems and confusing people who are trying to take the survey. And this is likely why you’re here, you’re having trouble finding where to take the actual survey. We think the problem is that people are searching in their search engines such as Yahoo for www.macgrill.com/survey instead of typing it into their address bar. And because Systino has it setup to redirect to a systino.net site, people are getting confused and not going to the right place.

Never fear, surveyhelp.org is here. To take the www.macgrill.com/survey simply click here. If for some reason security software on your computer is not properly forwarding you with the redirect that is setup, click here instead.

You will know that you’re at the correct website as it will look like this:
macaroni grill survey

Please note that this website is in no way affiliated with Macaroni Grill, we are simply trying to help lost customers.

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