Maggianos Little Italy is a fantastic restaurant and provide a feedback survey at www.maggianos-survey.com to provide feedback on your dining experience. Maybe you had one of the most delicious meals of your life or the wait staff went above and beyond and you want to let the company know. Or maybe you experienced one of those rare occasions where the food or wait staff was lacking in some way and you wish to provide feedback so that the company can improve their services. Either way, the survey at maggianos-survey.com provides you an opportunity to do exactly that.

The problem is that many people are having a difficult time finding the survey at www.maggianos-survey.com which is why you’re reading this. First off, we’ve likely figured out what you’re doing wrong so let us first educate you regarding that. Many people these days have a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, of Bing set as their homepage. So when they want to go to a survey site like the one for Maggiano’s, instead of entering the url in their browser address bar, they instead input it into the search engine box and search the internet for it. Instead of going direct to the website, they’re provided a list of websites and sometimes pick the wrong one for a variety of reasons. If you were to enter the url correctly in your search engine browser, it would look like this:


To complicate matters further, Maggiano’s has contracted out to a third party company called Empathica to handle their survey. This redirect no doubt confuses a substantial amount of people or their computer is setup in some way security wise to not allow such redirects. Either way, how would you know if you’re actually at the correct website? It would look just like the normal maggianos website except it would have a receipt on the front page that then tells you to enter your personal code so they know who is who.

Anyway, if you’re still having trouble getting to the survey, don’t worry. Simply click the link below:

Click Here To Take The Maggianos Survey

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