As we all know, Applebees is a wonderful place to eat and you’re lucky if your town has one. Their food is very high quality yet they somehow manage to keep their prices low. And of course their wait staff is always top notch. They’ve gone out of their way to further improve by offering a survey at www.myApplebeesVisit.com where you can provide details about your dining experience.

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About Applebee’s

Applebee’s Services, Inc. is the company that operates the largest fast-casual dining chain of restaurants in the world. The company has an employee force of 25,000 people working at about 1,900 locations across 17 countries, 49 of which are located in the United States, including one US territory.

It was Bill and TJ Palmer who opened the very first Applebee’s restaurant called T.J Applebee’s in November of 1980, in Atlanta. Aiming to offer a unique menu in a warm and cozy atmosphere, the restaurant was a surefire hit. Bill’s ultimate goal was to turn Applebee’s into a neighborhood restaurant and pub where locals can enjoy great-tasting meals at very affordable prices.

The palmers opened the second Applebee’s in Atlanta in 1982 and a year later, the company expanded as the concept was sold to W.R. Grace and Co. Part of the deal was to name Bill Palmer as the President of the Applebee’s Division, as a subsidiary of W.R. Grace and Co. Bill guided the business operations, helping the company become a well-oiled, franchise system. He officially became a franchisee in 1985. Today, he owns more than 36 Applebee’s restaurants.

In 1986, the name of the restaurant was changed to Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar. This was done to reflect the original concept of having a place that the locals could call their own.

The concept of an Applebee’s restaurant focuses on fast-casual dining that highlights American dishes such as chicken, salads, pasts, shrimp, and their signature item, riblets. All outlets of Applebee’s restaurants include a bar area, to create a pub feel, where alcoholic beverages are served.

Applebee’s restaurants are marketed as “America’s Favorite Neighbor” therefore, each restaurant outlet aims to reflect the particular neighborhood in which the branch is located. The ambience and decors would convey the neighborhood theme using memorabilia and photographs of local heroes, historical moments, and schools.

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