I think most would agree that Pier 1 Imports is a great store that can be a lot of fun to shop at. Not only do they have a wide array of wonderful merchandise at very fair prices, but their employees are very well trained as well. You can tell this because they are all courteous, knowledgeable about their merchandise, and very efficient in their operation. Pier 1 has taken it a step further now to let you provide them with feedback via their survey at www.Pier1.com/Feedback.

Click here for the www.Pier1.com/Feedback survey.

About Pier 1

In a recent report on its earnings Pier 1 was upgraded to a “buy” by Barrons the weekly financial newspaper. The reason for the upgrade is remarkably easy to understand in that with a market suffering from a downturn Pier 1 Import’s fourth-quarter for 2010 net sales actually increased over 7% to over $426 million. Pier 1 has long been the little store that could from its small beginnings in California, to its nationwide number of stores today.

The original Pier 1 Imports store opened in San Mateo, California in 1962. This store catered to those baby boomers who were starting to embrace a counter culture lifestyle. Unlike their parents, they didn’t want the heavy furniture or the standard décor of 1950’s style homes. Attracted to the stores love beads, incense, and lighter bamboo furniture so easy for young apartment dwellers to move from place to place the store quickly gained a following. From one location to over 16 stores in only five years, the chain established headquarters in Forth Worth, Texas in 1966.

Pier 1 has kept with a rather simple premise in the design and furniture. Relying heavily on foreign designers, much of the larger in store products are produced by Pier 1’s Trend and Product Department team. Exotic, and fresh to the eye of American consumer it has the same appeal for much the same reason as the earlier store’s success. What is found in Pier 1 appears unique, and well crafted while still maintaining a lower than average price. Along with furniture, accessories like vases, wall designs, and candles many stores in the chain, also offers tasteful merchandise from foreign producers also at lower than average prices.

Currently over 1,000 stores exist in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. The chain briefly opened outlets with the same concept for children’s furniture and accessories called Pier 1 Kids, but this was idea was abandoned in 2007.

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