As we all know, Save A Lot is a fantastic store. They have everything you need at very fair prices and the quality of their goods is high. In addition, their employees are some of, if not the best, in the industry. It’s amazing what a great shopping experience they have created. And it would appear that they are working to continue to improve that shopping experience as they have created www.savealotlistens.com, a survey feedback site where you can share about your shopping experience.

The only problem with the survey at savealotlistens.com is that some people are having a hard time getting to it. The primary reason we’ve determined is causing this is people are searching in Google and other search engines for www.savealotlistens.com instead of typing it directly into their address bar of their browser. So if you’re one of these people, simply enter it into your browser, not your search page from now on and you should be good to go. The second reason is the survey actually redirects to a 3rd party company called Medallia located here. We surmise that this could be confusing people or they may have some sort of security software on their computer that blocks redirects like this.

If you’re looking to take the survey but still having problems, don’t worry. Simply click here to take the www.savealotlistens.com survey. You will know that you’re at the right place because the webpage will look like this:
savealotlistens survey

Please note that this website and page are in no way affiliated with Save A Lot of Medallia. We just want to help people get to the survey they’re looking for.

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