CVS is a wonderful corner store with a great pharmacy and lots of items you might need without having to go to stores that are further away. Their pharmacists are top of the line and their regular employees are always helpful. CVS has created a survey you can take to provide them with any feedback deemed worthwhile by going to www.SurveyCVS.com

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About CVS

Like most pharmacies across the nation, CVS has changed. No longer can only prescription drugs and a few beauty products be found on it’s shelves. Groceries, discount books, DVDs, toys, and other supplies line the shelves as CSV has built larger and larger stores to hold the wide range of products. In large part, the move to more and bigger locations has been to stay in competition with the leader in the industry Walgreens.

Once a subsidiary of Melville Corporation called Consumer Value Stores the chain, shorten the name and logo to CSV in 1996. Three scandalous incidents holding CVS from moving forward faster in the market begin in 2000 when former CVS executives John R. Kramer and Carlos Ortiz were charged with bribery, fraud, conspiracy, and mail fraud. The charges stemmed from the pair having paid State Sen. John A. Celona a democrat from Rhode Island to act as a consultant to the company, when in fact he had no real role within the business.

In 2005, an investigation of the chain revealed errors and quality problems in medication prescriptions going back to 2002 in Massachusetts and the Boston area. Several major news shows, documented their own investigations of CSV. In response to this criticism, the chain designed a more comprehensive quality assurance program at a cost of millions of dollars.

The most recent trouble came in 2010 leaving CVS with 77.6 million dollars in fines and returned profits after losing a lawsuit in which it was claimed stores did not control the sale of ingredients that could be used in the making of methamphetamine. CVS was forced to forfeit 2.6 million in profits. The ingredient in question was pseudoephedrine which until recently could be found in easily shoplifted over the counter sinus and nasal decongestants. While a prescription is not needed for these products, they cannot by law be stored where customers have access to them without the help of a pharmacist.

After these and several other incidents and lawsuits CVS recently announced a new transition strategy. Larry J. Merlo took over as CEO from Thomas M. Ryan in 2011.

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