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Sonic is America’s drive in. I have a Sonic not too far from me and I think at this point, most of the employees know me by first name. A foot long and tater tots and I am about as happy as they come. I love Sonic because the food is very high quality, the prices are more than fair, and the employees are invariably wonderful. They are easiest one of the top three fast food chains around. Another way you can tell management cares is they have created a feedback survey at www.talktosonic.com where you can provide feedback regarding your dining experience. And there is sometimes a nice offer to go along with it.

Alas, some people are having a little trouble finding the survey at talktosonic.com which may be why you’re reading this right now. No, it’s not because you drank one too many Cherry Limeaids. The reason you probably ended up here is because you searched for www.talktosonic.com in a search engine that is set to your browser homepage instead of simply entering the URL into your browser address bar. It happens all the time and a ton of people do it, it’s not a big deal other than once in awhile you end up taking a wrong turn. Don’t despair, to get to the www.talktosonic.com survey click here.

You will know you’re in the right place because the site will look like this:

Please note we are in no way affiliated with Sonic, we are simply trying to help people get to their correct destination.

About Sonic
Sonic has been around for more than 50 years and is now the largest chain or drive ins in the United States. Their success is based upon sticking to their original drive-in mentality and providing great food at a fair price.

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