If you want a delicious sandwich, there is no better place to head than Quiznos. Their toasted sub sandwiches are top notch and quite healthy as well. And to put the icing on the cake, they’re very affordable as well. As we all know, the ingredients at Quiznos are fresh, their bread is delicious, and the employees you deal with are across the board wonderful. Quiznos has now gone a step further and created a feedback survey you can take at www.tellquiznos.com which will allow them to improve your dining experience in the future.

Take the www.tellquiznos.com survey.

About Quiznos
Quiznos is a fast-food chain headquartered in Denver, Colorado. They specialize in offering diners with toasted subs. It is the second largest submarine shop restaurant chain in the US, after the sandwich giant, Subway.

Quiznos has over 4,000 shops across the US, 300 outlets in Canada, and 100 international branches in the UK, Central America, Iceland, Ireland, South Korean, Sint Maarten, the Middle East, and Venezuela
During the late 70’s, Terrell Braly, together with other investors, converted a gas station in Denver, Colorado into a shop called “Sandwich World.” Jeff Jaffarie, the shop manager, began practicing the technique of toasting sandwiches using a pizza oven.

A year later, a competitor opened a shop across the street. It was owned by Todd Disner and Jimmy Lambatos. Eventually they offered to purchase the Sandwich World, which was bigger and had a better location. The deal was officially made in 1980. As the new owners, Disner and Lambatos changed the restaurant name to Quiznos and set out to begin a franchising operation.
Today, Quiznos offers flavorful signatures subs such as the Spicy Monterey Club, Chicken Carbonara, and Turkey Bacon Guacamole. A Quiznos sub will always be brimming with flavor due to the exclusiveness of their ingredients for each food item on the menu.

The Quiznos menu consists of more than just submarine sandwiches. Other delectable food items include, soups, salads, lite options, beverages, kidz meals, desserts, side dishes, and gourmet bread bowls.

In 2006, Quiznos launched what is perhaps to be their most aggressive marketing campaign, particularly geared towards their rival, Subway. They launched the “Prime Rib Cheesesteak Challenge” wherein diners were to compare Quiznos Prime Rib Cheesesteak against the Subway cheesesteak counterpart. Quiznos wanted to get the point across that their cheesesteak had double the amount of meat as compared to the Subway cheesesteak. Dissatisfied customers were to receive a free sandwich coupon.

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