Tony Romas is the place for ribs. And what delicious ribs they are! Of course, Tony Romas has plenty of other delicious food as well at great prices. And their wait staff and for that matter, all of their employees are wonderful. Overall, it’s one of the better places to eat so if you’ve never been there, change that. If you have recently been to Tony Romas, you’ll be pleased to hear that they now have a survey you can take at www.TonyRomasSurvey.com so you can provide feedback about your dining experience.

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About Tony Roma’s

Tony Roma, who used to be an F&B specialist for the Playboy Club, opened his first restaurant in 1972, in Miami, Florida. His namesake restaurant first served steaks and burgers. One weekend however, according to a company legend, Roma and his chef, David Smith thought of grilling some ribs and serving them with a special rib sauce concocted by Roma himself. They liked it and decided to temporarily place it on the menu. The ribs became so popular that the restaurant soon became known for its rib dinners.

Considered as the pioneer in serving baby back ribs, Tony Roma’s restaurants are now spread across the world including Mexico, Canada, South and Central America, Germany, England, Spain, Korea, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, and Australia. With over 200 restaurant outlets in 33 countries, Tony Roma’s rise to success is definitely an inspiring story for business owners and restaurateurs.

The barbecue ribs at Tony Roma’s are known for being tender and juicy, and always prepared using their original recipe along with their award-winning BBQ sauce. In 1987, Tony Roma’s won the Grand Prize in “Best Ribs of America” and continually garners accolades in many rib contests. Aside from barbecue ribs, another popular item on the menu would be their made-from-scratch, Onion loafs.

Also included in the hot and sizzling Tony Roma’ menu are appetizers, char-grilled steaks, BBQ, seafood, fresh salads, all served in huge American-style portions.

Most diners usually opt for combo dinners where they get to enjoy 2 barbecue treats or a Surf and Turf meal. Choices include: Ribs & BBQ Quarter Chicken, Ribs & Southwestern Chicken, Ribs & Grilled Swordfish, Ribs & Fried Shrimp, Ribs & Grilled Lamb Chops, Ribs & Grilled Shrimp, Ribs & Flamed Grilled Strip.

Such savory treats deserve a sweet ending and Tony Roma’s knows just how to do it. Tony Roma’s desserts include: Texas Mud Pie, Hot Caramel Apple Pie, New York Style Cheesecake, and Homemade Chocolate Brownie.

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