Is Tractor Supply not the most amazing store in the world? I was there today and purchased a trailer for my lawn tractor so I utilize my tractor to pull all sorts of things around my yard. I of course purchased a few other items as well because you certainly can’t leave such an amazing store without browsing around. I joked with the cashier that if I purchased everything in the store I wanted, my fiance would call off the wedding. And considering the prices are amazing, I can’t say how tempted I was. When I was handed my receipt, I noticed information about a customer survey and then the url of www.tractorsupply.com/customersurvey so when I got home, I went to it to fill out the survey.

It turns out that I didn’t read the receipt near close enough as you have to call 1-800-968-0734 to take the actual survey. Tractorsupply.com/customersurvey is actually just the sweepstakes rules and other information. That’s my bad, but I’m guessing I’m not the only person who has made this mistake so I decided to write about it here. So if you are looking for the survey, grab your receipt and call 1-800-968-0734. From what I understand, you’ll also be entered in a $2,500 gift card. Oh the amazing things I could buy at Tractor Supply if I won that kind of money.

Upon reading further, it turns out you can enter to win the gift card another way as well. Here’s what their site says:

Or, (2) To enter without a purchase, on a 3” x 5” card, hand-print your complete name, address (No P.O. Boxes), city, state, zip code, phone number and date of birth and mail in an envelope with proper postage affixed to: Tractor Supply Company/Del’s Monthly Survey Sweepstakes, 35610 Mound Road, Dept. 2045, Sterling Heights, MI 48310-4725.

So if you want to enter that way, go for it. But if you win, just remember who pointed you in the wrong direction.

Please note that this website is in no way affiliated with Tractor Supply. I’m just writing about a mistake I made and trying to help others who might make the same one.

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