White Castle, the iconoclastic fast food joint from Harold and Kumar go to White Castle has delicious food at very fair prices. Their employees are also some of the best in the business. Now, they’ve setup a feedback survey you can take to share your dining experience with them. The survey can be found at www.WhiteCastle.com/Survey.

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About White Castle

The very distinct flavor of a White Castle burger can be attributed to one of its co-founders, Walter Anderson who had worked in a Kansas restaurant. He was able to perfect the technique of cooking burger patties particularly, by adding onions on the sandwich and placing the burger buns over the sizzling patties. In 1916, Anderson rented a streetcar, purchased a refrigerator and griddle plate, and put up his very own burger stand.
In the next five years or so, he was able to put up three operating burger stands and was looking into putting up a fourth outlet. He then met Billy Ingram, an insurance broker and real estate agent. With a loan of $700, they founded the first ever White Castle restaurant –a small block structure modeled after a castle with details such as battlements and turrets in Wichita, Kansas in 1921.
Soon they set up branches in El Dorado, Kansas, branched out to Nebraska, Missouri, Minnesota, New Jersey, and New York in a span of nine years.

Aside from cooking their burgers in a more flavorful way, the innovative team discovered a quicker way of cooking their burger patties. This was done by placing holes on the patties. And so the trademark 5-hole White Castle burgers were born – four holes at toward the corners and one in the center. It resembled the 5-side of a dice.

What makes White Castle famous is its “Slider.” A slider is a miniature hamburger with a square patty, topped with onions, served between a roll. They are usually sold in “sacked meals” meaning, in multiple quantities. Customers can enjoy their burgers as a single sandwich, double-decker, with cheese, with other ingredients, and packaged with fries and a drink. By 1968, White Castle was reported to have already sold, 2 billion burgers.

Aside from burgers, White Castle also serves fish sandwiches and milk shakes.

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